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Led by John Lunsford, 8:30am
Chris Tenny, 10:30am
Meeting in the Chapel

No class December 23 & 30

Understanding World Religions is a 26-week course using the format of approximately 20 minute videos followed by class discussion and connecting the new knowledge for understanding our possible neighbors.  Our valley is filled with emigrants and temporary workers from countries and cultures that we are sometimes ignorant about.  We are sometimes hesitant to open conversations with them concerned that we might offend them or cannot find anything in common with them.


This course could increase your understanding of what they believe and why they believe it.  Empathy is difficult when we have little understanding of how others might think of our beliefs and/or culture.  We might be able to connect with them following the examples of evangelism in Acts of finding connections which could give us an opening to share our truth and relationship with God.

I Corinthians 9:22 encourages us to understand those around us at work and in our neighborhoods.  I recently read a comment on this subject and the author gave this bottom line example.  “Granted that we should be hospitable to (fill in the blank)s, what exactly should we say to them once they’re over for dinner?”

Come and learn.  We will be spending approximately three to four weeks on each of the following:

  • DECEMBER -- Buddhism finishes 12/16

  • No class December 23 & 30

  • JANUARY -- Judaism

  • FEBRUARY -- Christianity

  • MARCH -- Islam

Questions?  Contact John Lunsford or Mark Bucko.

The Open Conversation @ WGBC


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Mission & Engagement: What makes us WGBC
Led by Gary, Chris, & Mark
January 13, 20, 27 | 9:00am