Sunday Adult Elective Classes

The Open Conversation @ WGBC

Led by John Lunsford
Meeting in the Conference Room

  • What are the Spiritual Disciplines? 
  • Why should I practice them?


The Stories We Tell & How They Reflect Our Deepest Longings For God
led by Mark Bucko, Chris Tenny, & Tel Schreiber
Meeting in the Chapel

  • Why are super heroes, zombies, and world destruction by robots and aliens so popular? 
  • How do iPhones, Starbucks, Facebook, and popular music reveal things about our hopes, dreams, and fears? 
  • What does any of this have to do with God, if anything at all? 

This brief two week class will provide a framework for thinking about popular culture and how we as Christians can relate to it for our own formation, and for the sake of communicating the gospel to those around us. 

Week 1 - June 17: How do we interpret culture in light of the gospel? 
Week 2 - June 24: Movie examples through the lens of creation, the fall, and redemption. 


The goal of these gatherings is to equip us in being more aware of how our culture shapes us, leading to more effective sharing of the gospel.  Questions?


Upcoming Summer Schedule

July 1 - Bringing The Gospel To Modern Jerusalem - A Pilgrim’s Experience - Jill Dodsworth

July 8 - The Reason For God - Session 1 - Mark Bucko

July 15 - The Reason For God - Session 2 - Mark Bucko

July 22 - The Reason For God - Session 3 - Mark Bucko


The Open Conversation @ WGBC