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Gospel in Life
8:30am, Chapel
June 2-July 21
led by Mark Bucko & John Lunsford

We talk about the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus so much. But the question remains: do we truly understand its impact on every area of life? 

Yes, it is the Good News of Jesus' death, resurrection, and overwhelming forgiveness that draws us to embrace and confess him for our salvation.

But are we aware of how, when we understand the depths of Jesus' work, it changes our relationship to and understanding of life's every facet?

Please join us for our new and very exciting series, The Gospel In Life. 

This 8 week course at the Sunday Conversation will be led by Mark Bucko and John Lunsford and is based on a Tim Keller video series that will feature much time for leisurely conversation and consideration of these life-changing truths.

The gospel, fully understood, changes our hearts, our communities, and the way in which we live in the world.