Thank you for your donations and support!

We at Willow Glen Bible Church wanted to say a loud and resounding THANK YOU to our Silicon Valley Community! Through your generosity, we have gathered, sorted, and delivered an amazing amount of critically needed supplies and resources to those affected by the surrounding fires. We put the call out into our church body and into the community, and EVERYONE responded! We gathered two full rooms of supplies and resources over two days and set about distributing them.

We sought out and connected with so many distribution targets with the specific goal of ensuring that these donations went to the people who need them most as quickly as possible. We secured the use of heavy transport vehicles and loaded up and began making supply drops.

Our donation partners:

  • Convergence Church, a distribution point for churches actively distributing needed items inside county evacuation centers or working with private evacuation sites. 
  • County Distribution Center: Watsonville - Monterey County distribution center for evacuees 
  • Vintage Faith - Downtown Santa Cruz church hosting evacuees and coordinating with wider evacuee housing efforts
  • Spring Valley Volunteer Fire Dept. - Supporting CalFire efforts on the SCU Lightening Complex Fire
  • County Evacuation Site Soquel (7th Day Adventist) - County evacuation site
  • Coastland Church Aptos  - Aptos church hosting evacuees and serving those who've confirmed or suspected of structure loss
  • Prince of Peace Church Saratoga - Direct distribution to evacuees
  • Coastlands Church- Direct distribution to evacuees
  • Mount Hermon Association-Direct distribution to evacuees


  • 7,000+ bottles of water
  • 500+ bottles of Gatorade
  • 500-700 pounds of food
  • 600 pounds of animal feed
  • Hundreds of personal hygiene packets
  • 300+ pillows, blankets, sleeping bags and Tents.
  • $15,000 in gift cards going straight to evacuees in need.

Our distribution efforts are ongoing as needs arise, so we expect to be able to send out even more over the coming days and weeks.

A special thanks to the following companies / groups who helped make this effort possible: