Cobani, Moldova

Neemia Ministries in Moldova is an evangelical outreach of the Orthodox church in this Eastern European country, a former republic of the Soviet Union.  Born and raised in Moldova, Victor and his wife Lili, along with their three children, live and minister in the village of Cobani (Co-bahn).  There, they seek to bring the life giving truth of the gospel to this rural region where religion is widespread, but the life giving grace of Jesus has not yet penetrated.

Ministry Contact: Victor Zama
WGBC Contact: Mark Bucko



VisionTrust is a growing group of people with a passion to love the neediest children around the world. By providing thoughtful interventions like safe water, nutritious food, healthcare, spiritual mentoring and education, together we can end the cycle of poverty and see these children live for God and love others. The VisionTrust mission is to develop orphaned and neglected children into mature Christians equipped to live in their own culture. This is done by enabling Christian nationals to meet the physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs of these children.

Ministry Website
WGBC Contacts: Mike Lipsey, Blair Bassett, Ken Stothers


Tim & Bobbi Bettger

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Bernard Emerson | Tapestry Church, Oakland, CA

Tapestry Church of Oakland, CA consists of people of many cultures woven together into the fabric of Oakland to display the beauty of God’s story.  A tapestry is only beautiful if varied strands are interwoven throughout the picture. At Tapestry, we strive for a worship service that is not aimed at “excellence” as much as it’s aimed at beauty. And that can’t happen unless we have the varied strands of our community investing their time, talents, and voice in the work of the church.

The Bible tells us in Ephesians 4 that leaders in the church are meant to equip God’s people for works of service. But does that mean they have to decide on and run programs? Maybe sometimes, but not always. What if churches resourced their people to do the work in their community that the people are passionate about, gifted for, and on their schedule?

That’s what we’re attempting to accomplish with our Micro Ministry Grants. It’s a pretty simple idea, with a potentially huge impact.

Marc & Suzanne Jacobsen | Wycliffe Bible Translators & Missionary Support Services, Philippines

Marc and Suzanne Jacobson serve through Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL Philippines. In recent years their ministry has focused on the Inabaknon Heritage Society, a non-profit organization created so that their 40 years among the Abaknon People may become locally self-sustaining. The IHS pursues discipleship in three main areas: 1) An intentional Christian community for Abaknon college scholars in Manila, 2) OT translation and writing Bible study guides at the IHS Center in Capul Town, and 3) A high school boys' dorm, tutoring programs and Bible studies. Vision is of a growing  Christian community on Capul Island which hears God's Word, knows God's Son, and lives God's Way.

Mary Larson | Converge Pacwest

Mary Larson has served with Converge for 28 years, mostly in the Philippines. Under Converge, she has had the unique opportunity to work alongside Filipinos, Thai and Americans who are training, sending and reaching unreached people.

She has recently been reassigned to work with the Thai Buddhist Initiative and also will mentor Filipino missionaries and serve on the board of BSOP (Bethlehem Star of Peace) sending gifted and equipped Filipinos to the world’s unreached peoples.

Barbara Metzler | Ripe For Harvest World Outreach

“Nothing happens in Thailand outside of relationship” is a quote from a Thai Christian doctor who helped found the Chiang Mai University English Language Team (CELT) in 2011. Barbara has been working with CELT since 2012. By helping doctors, residents and medical students improve their English and presentation skills, she develops relationships with them that allow her to share her hope in Christ. Barbara hopes to further develop her ministry by moving closer to the university which will enable her to host English events and share her life with university students who sublet rooms in her home.

Jeff Nelson | International Students Inc.

Jeff Nelson is an area mobilizer for the greater Seattle area with International Students Inc. Their vision is to “make disciples of the nations (in the form of international students) by building relationships, exposing them through God’s people to the Bible / the gospel, baptizing those who believe and receive Jesus, getting them plugged into a local church, helping them grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus through 1-on-1 and small group Bible studies, and training / inviting them to do all the above with us.”

Jim Ross | New Horizons Foundation

Missional Goals: to develop, disciple and support local leaders who are sacrificially caring for suffering children in some of the worst living situations in the world.

We focus on Liberia (3rd poorest country in the world), Central African Republic (poorest country in the world), Zimbabwe (highest percentage of double orphans due to AIDS), Cambodia (high prevalence of sex trafficking of girls and numerous unreached villages), India (most malnourished children in the world and numerous unreached villages, high levels of persecution of Christians)

Tuvya Zaretsky | Jews for Jesus

Tuvya Zaretsky works with Jews for Jesus as one who is training staff for a strategic ministry to Jewish-Gentile couples.

“My specialization has focused upon helping Jewish/Gentile couples find spiritual harmony in Jesus. We adopted a strategy of Love and Serve as a nuance in ministry outreach and wrote a workbook to train Christians and mission workers in this strategic area of Jewish evangelism. 

I also wrote a 58-page booklet aimed as a resource specifically for the couples – a ministry specialization among Jewish millennials. 

Soon, I’ll be teaching a team of missionaries to take up the cross-cultural ministry specialization to these couples and will also provide training for all of our Russian speaking staff in the former Soviet Union and will also do so for French speaking staff Western Europe. Finally, I am serving as President for the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism; and as Board Chair of Jews for Jesus Israel.