Thank you for serving as a volunteer with our church family! We appreciate everything your do to partner with us to serve our church, Willow Glen, and the world beyond it.



PBCWG Driver Application: PBCWG Volunteer Driver Application Form is for all PBCWG employees and volunteers who will drive vehicles for PBCWG activities and ministries. Only drivers who have been approved as “Volunteer Drivers” are permitted to transport minors in their own vehicles for PBCWG ministries and activities.  The form must be submitted for each calendar year. Before filling out the application form, please read the PBCWG Driver Expectations document and view the video, "The Road to Safer Transportation." Please forward the completed application form to the PBCWG office.

PBCWG Single Use Driver Form (PDF): The Single Use Driver Form may be used when a need arises for a volunteer to drive a personal vehicle to transport minors when the time frame precludes the normal application process and/or if the driver will most likely only drive for a single event. The completed form should be given to the ministry leader to review before it is forwarded to the administrator.

PBCWG Vehicle Loan Form: The Vehicle Loan Form outlines an agreement for PBCWG to borrow your vehicle for church events. Thank you for letting us use it! Please send this completed form to Jan in the church office.

Children & Youth ministry resources

Children's and Youth Ministry Application: The application is necessary for those hoping to work with our kids and youth. When you've completed it, please send it to Jan along with the specific ministry for which you're volunteering.

Background Check: Everyone who works with our children and youth are screened and trained, including the volunteers who work with our local outreach ministries. This is the form we need to have on file to keep you and us safe. Please fill out the form and send it (or any questions) to Jan, making note of the specific ministry for which you're volunteering.

Teacher Rotation Calendars: