Sunday Services

 10:00am       Worship Service in the Sanctuary    
  11:30am        Adult Elective Class in the Education Classroom   

Knowing God

We are committed to the knowledge and worship of God, and pursuing personal relationship with him in all we do.  To this end, we value the careful explanation of the Bible in our preaching and teaching, the personal study of scripture, and a community that encourages spiritual growth. 

Living FReely

Because we know God loves and cares for us, we can live freely.  We are learning to be liberated from the burden of earning God's love because it is freely given to us through the death and resurrection of Jesus.  

Loving All

We seek to reflect God's love for humanity in our local and worldwide community.  Our desire is to care for our neighbors locally, regionally and globally through loving service.  

Leadership & PReaching

Willow Glen Bible Church is an elder led church. David Misson and Chris Tenny are the primary teaching pastors who serve equally with Marcus Martinez and Tanya Martinez also sharing the pulpit. This means we do not have a senior/lead pastor by design.

Expository Preaching is one of the core values of Willow Glen Bible Church. Primarily, this means we seek to preach the whole of the Bible verse by verse with careful explanation and application to life.

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