The Sunday Conversation

Adult Elective Classes are held Sunday mornings at 8:30am
In-person in the Chapel with a Zoom option.


led by John Lunsford and Tel Schreiber
Chapel & via Zoom.
November 7 - December 12

    • Do you want to better understand the Old Testament but find it confusing and difficult?
    • Why has God given us all these ancient historical accounts of humanity & Israel in particular?
    • Do all these kings, empires, wars, prophets, & genealogies really matter now in light of the Gospel and the New Testament?
    • Should we not just spend our time studying the “New” and forget the “Old?”

      To address these questions, we are continuing our OT Survey with a new round of UNDERSTANDING THE PROPHETS

      Understanding the Old Testament is helpful for understanding of God’s character and His salvation story throughout history, that leads to Jesus.  And includes you!

Class Schedule

November 7 - Introduction to prophets and their writings

November 14 - Isaiah

November 21 - Jeremiah

November 28 - Lamentations

December 5 – Ezekiel

December 12 - Daniel

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