The Sunday Conversation

Adult Elective Classes are held Sunday mornings at 9:00am in the Chapel 


January 8-29

Rejoice All Ye Lovers of the Old Testament!
Tel and John are BACK with another round of great looks at more books of the ancient Hebrew scriptures, Sundays, December 11, 18, January 8-22.

The Scriptures show us who God is.  We read His story, what He's done, and His relationship with people; and over two thirds of this is in the Old Testament.

We are continuing surveys of the Old Testament books which cover  both before the exile to Babylon and  that follow the exile to Babylon and the return of the remnant to Israel.  All of the these last six books are about the last major events and prophecies before Jesus was born into this world. These so called minor prophets are among the last books written in the Old Testament and look to Jesus coming.

Please do not miss this opportunity to know God as He speaks through His Prophets. He's serious about this relationship.  Come explore its wonder!

Join us Sundays, 9am in the Chapel.

Class Schedule

We encourage you to read the book before attending class.

  • December 18  -- Habakkuk      
  • January 8  --  Zephaniah
  • January 15  --  Haggai
  • January 22  --  Zechariah
  • January 29  --  Malachi

How I Study the Bible

February 5-26

Do you seek to know the Lord better but struggle with knowing where to begin?  When you open your Bible, do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and lost, or do you simply feel stuck in a routine that is no longer meeting your needs?  If this is you, then join us on Sunday mornings for our "How to Study the Bible" class.  Hear from four different teachers who are pastors, elders and deacons who will be sharing some simple practices to enrich your time in the scriptures. We hope you will join us.

Class Schedule

  • February 5  -- Tom Tanquary      
  • February `12  --  Tanya Martinez
  • February 19  --  David Misson
  • February 26  --  Ken Stothers