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The Sunday Conversation will not have class on January 3.

Moral Choices

Biblical Ethics in the Twenty-First Century

led by Chris Tenny via Zoom

Class Schedule

January 10 - What is Morality and Ethics,  
                         CLASS POWERPOINT
January 17 - Christian Ethics,
                         CLASS POWERPOINT
January 24 - How to think morally and ethically
                         CLASS POWERPOINT
January 31 - Beginning of Life Issues
February 7 - End of Life Issues
February 14 - Economics and Ethics
February 21 - Violence War, and Morality
February 28 - Race, Gender, and Diversity

The Moral Choices course that Chris will use, features ethicist and professor Scott Rae. It will provide us with an introduction to Christian ethics and equip us to form a basis for practical, ethical decision-making in contemporary culture.

Moral Choices outlines the distinctive elements of Christian ethics while avoiding undue dogmatism. The course also introduces other ethical systems and their key historical proponents, including Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, and Immanuel Kant.

After describing a seven-step procedure for tackling ethical dilemmas, ethicist and professor Scott Rae uses case studies to address some of today’s most pressing social issues then will guide us in thinking ethically and biblically about specific topics.

This class uses content from Moral Choices: An Introduction to Ethics by Scott B. Rae, Publisher : Zondervan Academic; Fourth edition (October 16, 2018)


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