Community Groups

Healthy community requires honest, vulnerable, Spirit-led, love-saturated relationships. We, the church, the body of believers, can offer love, support, and opportunity for growth within a small group context. Community groups offer a space where you can be honest about your struggles and receive encouragement and love.

What community group is right for you?

We believe that community groups are most effective when you seek community where you live. This increases the amount of time that you may spend together, and it allows you to focus on making disciples in your neighborhood. 


 If you are interested in joining one of our Community Groups, visit the Welcome Table for addresses,
start dates & contact information or simply fill out the Community Group Interest Form.



1st Sundays

Leaders: Dean & Vicky Hanquist
Location:  Meeting in person outdoors. (Abinante Ln.)
Contact: Frans or Suis Kusnadi

We have an informal, inter-generational time as older children are welcome in discussion. Dinner provided. Children welcome but no child care.


Leaders: Dan Jansen & John Lunsford
Location:  Meeting on Zoom (Jacob Ave.).
Contact: John Lunsford

We meet for fellowship and discussion of the sermon. Anyone in any stage of life is welcome. Beverages and dessert served.



2nd & 4th Thursdays 

Leaders: Tel & Donna Schreiber
Location:  Meeting on Zoom (Dell Ct.).
Contact: Tel or Donna Schreiber  

We are a group open to any age or stage of life. We share beverages and dessert every week.

1st & 3rd Mondays

Leaders: Joe & Angie Lynch
Location:  Meeting in person outdoors (Ban Ct.).
Contact: Angie Lynch

Our group enjoys a meal, fellowship and discusses the latest sermon.

South San Jose


2nd & 4th Fridays

Leaders: Clint & Debbie Kelly |Jon & Susan Nickerson
Location:  Meeting on Zoom (Heppner Lane).
Contact: Jon Nickerson

We seek to be a place of fellowship providing a warm and loving location for Christian friends to interact and grow deeper relationally. We spend time eating dinner together and discussing sermon passage questions.




2nd & 4th Mondays

Leaders: Bob & Bernie Day | Mike & Sue Lipsey
Location:  Meeting on Zoom (Willow Creek Ave.).
Contact: Mike Lipsey

Each week we spend time socializing with one another, studying upcoming sermon passages and questions, and pray with one another. Dessert is served.



Leaders: Peter & Julie Handel | Chris & Annie Reynolds
Location:  Meeting in person with Zoom option (Crescent Drive).
Contact: Peter Handel

We seek to foster living together in community, sharing life, and having fun! Our focus is studying scriptures and sharing fellowship. We eat dinner together every week. We are open to childcare options

Willow Glen

Willow Glen

2nd & 4th Mondays

Leaders: Mike & Jan McClellan
Location:  Meeting on Zoom. Scheduled to begin meeting outdoors on March 15.
Contact: Jan McClellan

We meet to enjoy fellowship, discuss upcoming sermon passages, share the ups and downs of life, and pray together.  While we continue to meet outdoors, please bring your own picnic dinner.  All couples & singles are welcome!

2nd & 4th Thursdays

Leaders: Matt & Jen Berry
Location:  Meeting in person outdoors (Telfer Ave.).
Contact: Jen Berry

We meet to share life, encourage one another, discuss sermon questions or a book with prayer.

If you would like help choosing the group that is right for you, fill out the Community Group Interest Form and we can direct you to the group that fits your needs.