How it all started...

In early 2017, pastors and elders from Dwell and Peninsula Bible Church Willow Glen began to meet, fellowship, and pray together.  Through a handful of relationships to that point, it had become clear that the two churches were theologically and philosophically aligned. Both church communities had an abiding commitment to care for and equip God’s people from the Scriptures in the grace of Jesus, and to stir the church to minister to our community at large.
As leadership continued to meet and pray, obstacles and challenges were resolved one by one. It became clear that the resources of both churches joined together would create a greater whole and an effective stage for the mission to which God has led us here in San Jose.

Thus, on May 6, 2018, Dwell Christian Church and Peninsula Bible Church Willow Glen joined together to form Willow Glen Bible Church.

Our greatest desires are to:

• Equip followers of Jesus from the Scriptures for spiritual growth, service to the Christian community, and service to the people of San Jose
• Preach the Scriptures in a way that attends to each passage with care, seeking to let the text speak through the Holy Spirit to God’s people in the 21st century

• Carefully and clearly present and live out the New Covenant of the Gospel – the reality that God loves us and has provided a way to restored relationship with him solely through the ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus

• Care for the church and the community through service.  All of God’s people are gifted and called to use that gifting
• Foster multi-generational connection in all facets of church life together

Willow Glen Bible Church is a joining of staff teams, leadership boards, and congregations.
It is clear that God is in this new expression of his church in this community! You are welcome to join us any time, and questions are always welcomed.

For the previous churches histories, see below.

Dwell Christian Church &

Willow Glen Baptist Church

Peninsula Bible Church
Willow GLen

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 10:00am.