& Gathering Together

In this season of distance, communal worship is more important than ever. We are so thankful for the ability to worship together LIVE via Livestream on Sunday mornings. We want to encourage you to remain connected to the broader body through the online Sunday Service, AND to consider meeting together in small groups (on-line or in-person). These are both critical for maintaining and growing our relationship with God, and with each other, especially during these challenging times.
We are all longing for a more personal connection after so many months of isolation. If you are most comfortable connecting online because of health concerns, please consider reaching out to a small group of people and setting up an online group (via Zoom, phone, etc) immediately following the service for discussion and prayer. However, if you are in good health, and are not high-risk, we encourage you to consider our in-person options. We want you to know that small, outdoor gatherings are allowed by the County, and many in our Body have already begun to meet. Some of our Community Groups are meeting outdoors at homes on Sunday mornings to view the service and worship together. Other Community Groups and Men’s & Women’s Bible Studies are meeting outdoors during the week to discuss scripture, share and pray together.

We do want to emphasize that all small groups that choose to meet in-person should follow the SCC protocols for Outdoor Gatherings. For a quick glance at what’s required, see the outline at the end of this communication, and read the complete document link below before hosting a small group of this kind. Following all protocols is the responsibility of the group leader, and includes keeping a written record of who attends each meeting.
By complying, you are doing your best to care for our community, and are helping to prevent the spread of the disease. Whether you decide to form your own expanded “family pod” to worship together, or join an organized small group, we want to encourage you to take the next step. Community Groups and Men’s/Women’s Bible Studies are posted on the Website and Church App.

However, if you have any questions or need assistance to join a group, please contact Jan McClellan.