When the church and the family work together, we all grow in great ways. Here are two ways Family Ministry is committed to you and your family.

A Focus on Relationships & Knowing God

Having Children’s and Youth Ministry whose focus is on relationships and knowing God is our number one focus. Our ministry leaders and volunteers are all gifted and excited to care for your kids and support you in discipling your kids.


We have a variety of resources to support the many different types of families in our church body that each have different needs. We are still all about relationships, promoting a village that supports each other, and knowing God by being grounded in his character and wisdom for parenting and life! 

To that end here are four specific things we are about:

Learning Opportunities

Typically we’ll do a general parenting series in the fall and a specific topical series in the spring.


We are developing a mentorship network for a variety of topics: single parenting, homeschooling, adoption, mental health, and more.


Our Pastors are available to facilitate some basic counseling for parents and families. We can provide a listening ear, biblical counseling, and recommendations for other counseling services.


We have resource suggestions for variety of topics! Please follow the link below. If you have come across great things let us know.

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