Baja Bound, MeXICO

Baja Bound is a ministry located in a coastal town called Maneadero, just 90 miles south of San Diego, about an hour south of Ensenada, Mexico. The agricultural areas surrounding Ensenada are characterized by breath-taking beauty and desperate poverty.

This region represents hope and a new life for waves of field workers arriving from Southern Mexico and other regions of Latin America. Unfortunately, there is a severe lack of adequate lodging, and many hard working families are forced to live in sub-standard dwellings that are unhealthy and unsafe.

Our goal is to develop passionate followers of Jesus who intentionally love people and God’s Kingdom.

Contact Marcus Martinez for more information.
Working alongside local pastors and social workers in the community, we are so thankful for the chance to join all that God is already doing there. Ministry service includes new homes, food programs, and education.

Along with building a house we will visit local orphanages, provide food in migrant camps, and seek to build relationships with the many people doing God’s work in that community. This support gives the children  of these families the best chance to flourish and have hope. And we pray that a house is simply a confirmation of God’s faithfulness and that through all our efforts, families in this community come to know our greatest gift and source of hope, Jesus!

Each year our youth group and families from our church will have the opportunity to go to Maneadero and build a house for a family. We would love our whole church to be involved in the process of providing a house for this family.