Peninsula Bible CHurch Willow GLen 

a brief history

Peninsula Bible Church began in 1948 as a fellowship of five business men, who met to pray about a Gospel ministry in Palo Alto.  From that beginning a church was founded; a pastor, Ray Stedman, was called.  The Biblical grounding, servant leadership, and solid community established then still characterizes that church decades later.  These are the roots of Peninsula Bible Church Willow Glen.   

 In 1985 a church was planted in Cupertino on these same Biblical groundings.  It was called Peninsula Bible Church Cupertino. 
In the late 1990s two couples wondered together if Peninsula Bible Church Cupertino could plant a church in Willow Glen.  But it was not the time.  A few years later the discussion made its way to yes. Our first meeting was in May of 2006 in the Kelly’s home. 
Who would shepherd this new work?  Gary Vanderet was all in, but not alone; two were needed.  So we waited.  We prayed.  And God worked.  We met in various homes through that summer.  Those first months, prayer preceded our meetings; prayer was foundational.  Sometime through the summer the Jr. High pastor, Mark Bucko said yes; and we had our pastoral team.  On November 5, 2006 we began meeting in the evenings at the Willow Glen Community Center. 
For PBCWG, our history has served God’s good purpose.  And becomes prologue for today. Set-up and tear-down crews, music and sound, ushers and communion servers: morning after Sunday morning, God provided gifts to His people to serve one another over many years at the Willow Glen Community Center.  Thank you all.
In God’s time He brought us David Misson to shepherd our youth.  Our decision regarding David was a big financial step for us.  We took the risk faith requires, and God met us there.   
Worship and Music was thoughtfully led and many brought their God given talent to lead us in musical worship.  This has continued as God brought us Dave Matsumura to shepherd this ministry and the people involved.  
We value our shared life. It is a basic of love.  Folks simply get together or work together.  There are a variety of small groups, shared meals, Feast Days, summer picnics, and ‘Body Life’ time Sunday mornings.  We’ve been intentional about this – the generations together, connecting with one another, cultivating a safe place; a welcoming, healthy community. 
God put us here in Willow Glen, our place of mission.  The Kids Club at Willow Glen Elementary School and the Sports Camp we hold there in the summer, bring light to this community.  The support of ministries like Sacred Heart, City Team, Love Inc, & Real Options are further ways we care for San Jose. Farther away, the Philippines, Thailand, Moldova and Liberia have also been touched by PBCWG.
We take our Bible straight and have continued the legacy of rigorous Bible study and expository preaching.  Men, women and children: we want to drink deeply from the well of Scripture.  
This is our season to be a light here.  But only a season.  This work of God’s will out-live us, as it has out-lived others.  For our time, let love and truth continue to be lived and spoken from this place.  And passed on to many.
Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, For His lovingkindness is everlasting 
Edited version of Tel Schreiber’s sharing on May 6, 2018.