Requests from the week of April 11, 2021
on April 14th, 2021
Pray for my mother's pain levels and memory loss.Pray for wisdom handling debt.Pray for my family members.Pray for my friend battling deep depression.Praise for positive test results and prognosis following brain surgery. Continue to pray for recovery.Pray for my husband's salvation.Pray for my broken relationship with my mother.  Pray I would have humility yet boldness.Pray for our nation....  Read More
Requests from the week of March 28. 2021
on March 30th, 2021
Pray for many to come to know Jesus.Pray for my sister to know Jesus and turn to him in her stress and emotional turmoil. Pray for my husband to find freedom from his addictions.Pray for a new job.Pray for all the students in the Philippines at my school as they struggle with COVID and hunger. Praise for their growth in Christ through trials.Pray for visas for my friends to be able to attend schoo...  Read More
Requests from the week of March 21, 2021
on March 24th, 2021
Praise for a successful surgery. Pray for my husband's recovery and that the brain tumor does not regrow.Pray for my marriage.Praise for a diagnosis.  Pray for my health journey.Praise for a new job.Pray for my friends who feel unsafe.Pray for those affected by the recent shootings.Pray for my friends who are struggling with distance learning.  May they learn to ask for help.Pray for a place of be...  Read More
Requests from the week of 03.14.2021
on March 17th, 2021
Pray for my friends who are struggling.Pray for my mom as she begins her journey with breast cancer.Pray for my friends who are struggling with mental health at the one year anniversary of COVID.Pray for my husband's confidence.Pray for me as my dad passed away from COVID.Pray for my mom's pain as she recovers.Pray for healing for our support dog.Pray for teachers as they prepare for in-person lea...  Read More
Requests from the week of 03.07.2021
on March 9th, 2021
Pray we would get a diagnosis for our daughter. Pray for wisdom moving forward.Pray for my husband's upcoming surgery and all our anxiety surrounding it.Pray for the health and salvation of my family.Pray for my mental health issues.Pray my friend finds a new job.Pray for us as we grieve.Pray for my friends as they battle major health issues.Praise for the Lord's deep love for us.Praise for answer...  Read More
Requests from the week of 02.28.2021
on March 3rd, 2021
Pray for my wife's health issues.Pray for us as we are searching for a new home.Pray for our daughter who suffered a seizure. Pray the doctor's find the source of the problem.Praise for a new job.Pray for my husband's upcoming brain surgery.Pray for me as I will be out of work soon.Praise for the Lord's faithfulness through this season.Praise for new understanding of the incredible depth of Christ...  Read More