Body Life from the week of 09/25/2022
on September 27th, 2022
Praise for our daughter's safe delivery of our granddaughter.Pray for me as I grieve the death of two cousins. Pray for my cousin’s son who is a special needs adult. His dad will need lots of help. Pray for my wife as she says goodbye to her uncle who is close to death. Pray for the entire family.Praise for today's message. Praise for SAYAP Africa having many universities want to join the cause. P...  Read More
Requests from the week of September 18, 2022
on September 20th, 2022
Praise for rain.Pray for my friends upcoming biopsy to reveal the source of pain.Pray for my friend whose grief is acute this week.Pray for friends & families that lost loved ones.Pray for my friend struggling with depression.Pray for healing & peace in a divided country.WGBC Missionary Focus:  Bruce & Julie AdamsonWGBC Outreach Focus:  WGBC Food Pantry & Brace ApartmentsWGBC Ministry Focus:  Litt...  Read More
Requests from the week of 09/11/2022
on September 14th, 2022
Pray for my friend's family grieving his death last week.Pray for my mother-in-law recovering from a mild stroke.Pray for my friend suffering with depression.Pray for my dad's cancer surgery to be successful.Pray for healing and peace in a divided country.Pray for the pain I endure to lessen each day.Pray for my mom as she ages. Pray for us as we care for her.Pray for Mark as he shares the gospel ...  Read More
Body Life from the week of 9/04/22
on September 6th, 2022
WGBC Missionary Focus:  Victor & Lili ZamaWGBC Outreach Focus:  Mexico MissionWGBC Ministry Focus:  Elders...  Read More
Requests from the week of 8/28/22
on August 31st, 2022
Pray for healing & peace in a divided country.Pray for my body and my heart where both are in emotional pain.Pray for transitions to go well where the beginning started a little rough.Pray for my friend to find hope through depression.Praise for answered prayer.Pray for our leaders.WGBC Missionary Focus:  Robert SondahWGBC Outreach Focus:  Nehemiah MinistriesWGBC Ministry Focus:  Children's Direct...  Read More
Requests from the week of 08/21/22
on August 23rd, 2022
Pray for peace in a divided country.Pray for those in the hospital after a car accident.Pray for our leadership.Pray for wisdom and strength for the future.Pray for my new job this week.WGBC Missionary Focus:  Honili SemaWGBC Outreach Focus:  City Team San JoseWGBC Ministry Focus:    Administrators...  Read More