Requests from the week of November 21, 2021
on November 23rd, 2021
Praise my brother is out of ICU. Pray for continued healing.Pray my fiance's labor certification is approved quickly.Pray for my cousin to have complete healing.  Pray her husband and young daughter remain healthy.Pray for my uncle in the hospital with Covid.Pray for my brother's girlfriend to come to the Lord. Pray for my mom's cancer treatment.Pray for my friend in the midst of a very difficult ...  Read More
Requests from the week of November 14, 2021
on November 17th, 2021
Pray I would learn to truly love my enemies and pray for those who persecute me.Pray for our neighbor whose husband recently passed away.Pray I would find a better job so I can provide a larger living arrangement.Pray for my brother's girlfriend to come to the Lord.Praise for answered prayer.Pray for wisdom with broken family relationships.Pray for my friends as they fight cancer. Pray for my frie...  Read More
Requests from the week of November 7, 2021
on November 10th, 2021
Praise for a wonderful women's retreat.Pray for my friend as she is exhausted with the weight of caregiving.Pray for the healing of broken relationships.Pray for me and my broken marriage.  Pray for God's redeeming work in our relationship.Pray for my daughter's procedure to provide relief.Pray for my friend struggling with the deep pain of infertility.Pray for my mom and her pain issues.Praise fo...  Read More
Requests from the week of October 31, 2021
on November 3rd, 2021
Pray for my friend and me as we travel cross-country.  Pray for safety and God's presence.  Pray for my husband to recover from his mild stroke.Pray for God to guide me for the present and the future.Pray for healing for our country.Pray for my husband.Pray for my Papa to recover from his heart surgery.Pray for my friend and me as we lead a faith-based 12-step program. Pray for wisdom. May the Hol...  Read More
Requests from the week of October 24, 2021
on October 27th, 2021
Praise for Baptism Sunday and the young lives encouraging the entire church.Praise for the work God is doing through Kids Club. Encourage our leaders.Pray for wisdom in how to support my brother with special needs as he ages.  Pray for God to show us what care facility would be best. Pray for our marriage in the midst of major decisions.Pray for deep connections and a deeper relationship with the ...  Read More
Prayer Requests from the week of October 17, 2021
on October 19th, 2021
Pray for the fire of God to reign in my life and the life of my family.Pray for my son and I as we study God's word.Pray for my overwhelming depression and anxiety.Pray I can live in a Christian home or near other Christians in Willow Glen.Pray for my friend.Pray for my friend who had an anxiety attack last week.Pray for discernment in putting my family first. Praise for God's goodness.Pray for me...  Read More