Safety & Protocols

for all outdoor gatherings

including worship services, bible studies, community groups, etc. meeting at church or in private homes.

(Taken from County Regulations)

We ask that if you plan to attend any in-person event at Willow Glen Bible Church, you first fill out this In-Person event registration and waiver.

● Ensure each attendee is wearing a mask
● Have a Check-in Station:
  • Take attendance (keep your notes in case future notification of illness is required)
  • Take temperature of yourself and each attendee (WGBC recommendation)
● Ensure that there is enough outdoor space to accommodate attendees safely, and make sure social distancing protocols are followed at all times.
                 -If temperature recorded is 100*, attendee has a fever and should leave.
-Make note of who it was, when they arrived and who they came in contact with
-Cancel the event
-Indicate that an individual has arrived with a fever
  • Encourage attendees to contact their Healthcare provider for guidance (testing or self quarantine procedures may be suggested)
  • Ask attendees to observe social distancing as they leave
  • Follow County Protocols if notification of illness is required