Requests from the week of 02.16.2020

  • Praise my father’s cancer is better. Pray for continued healing.
  • Praise for rest in this season.
  • Pray for wisdom in timing regarding my daughter’s surgery.
  • Praise for good news from the doctors.
  • Pray for my dad’s bacterial infection. Pray for he and my mom as they are both scared.  May this draw them close to Jesus.
  • Pray for my brothers and sister to draw near to Jesus too.
  • Praise for the way the Lord has been gracious with my family.
  • Pray for my friend who got laid off.
  • Pray for my friends who are confused and hurting.
  • Pray for a housing miracle.
  • Pray for my wife who is suffering from sleep issues.
  • Pray for my friends to have wisdom, care and comfort.
  • Pray I would have purpose and clarity but also joy and peace as I wait on the Lord.
  • Praise for the things the Lord has brought to light.





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