Requests from the week of April 16, 2023

  • Praise for the many ways I am surrounded by blessings.
  • Praise that each one of my children is safely in the Lord's care.
  • Praise for my friends and home fellowship.
  • Praise for a church home away from home.
  • Pray for the grief of my mother's passing and safety traveling to her service.
  • Pray that we discover in what ways God wants us to serve him.
  • Praise for God's persistence despite me overfilling with good distractions. I'm grateful for His pursuing me, and loving me enough to want to give me His wisdom.
  • Praise for the church staff.
  • Pray for me and my children through a difficult trial.
  • Please pray that any weapon that is formed against me will not stand. And that I would be strong enough for this fight.
  • Pray for healing & peace in a divided country.
  • Pray for schools as they prepare to wrap up the academic year.
  • Pray for workers that are losing jobs.

WGBC Missionary:  Barbara Metzler (
WGBC Outreach:  RealOptions
WGBC Ministry:  Community Groups





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