Body Life Requests from the week of 03.22.2020

  • Pray for my friend’s husband diagnosed with cancer. May he find the right doctor.
  • Praise our son’s illness has been diagnosed. Pray his treatment is successful.
  • Pray for my husband to stay healthy while working with so many.
  • Praise that my husband’s surgery was successful.
  • Praise that my husband was able to have surgery & I am able to be at home to help him recover. Pray for healing from infection and tolerating soft foods.
  • Pray for my sister-in-law to bond with her new baby and for my brother as they adjust to a family of four.
  • Please pray for my mom and the many seniors who are especially isolated during this time. Pray for God’s protection physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Pray a work colleague with COVID-19 may fully recovery and that God’s providence would be evident in their life.
  • Please pray for our son and the entire medical personnel and first responders who are daily serving the community at the risk of their own health.
  • Pray that family communication and bonds would be deepened and strengthened during this stay-in-place period. Pray that we could find creative ways to engage in grace and love with people around us.
  • Pray for a safe surgery, health & smooth/quick recovery.
  • Pray for my son & his roommates to stay safe and healthy.
  • Pray for my brother to heal from cancer and to remain healthy amidst his treatment. Pray for my health and our finances.





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