Requests from the week of 03.29.2020

  • Pray for my cousin’s husband in the hospital to heal from his stroke and remain safe from the coronavirus.
  • Pray for my nephew and his wife who is a nurse experiencing cold-like symptoms. May she heal quickly as they self-quarantine.
  • Pray for healthcare decisions for my parents to have quality at the end of their lives.
  • Pray for my daughter and son in law experiencing great difficulties.
  • Pray for our kids as their amount of screen time has grown exponentially with at home learning.
  • Pray for safety and wisdom for my friend who is the lead doctor in the Central Park emergency field hospital.
  • Pray for all of those in our Body who are serving in the health and service industries.
  • Pray for all of those experiencing deep anxiety and depression to find peace in the Lord.





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