Requests from the week of 04.05.2020

  • Praise God my niece-in-law tested negative for COVID-19.
  • Praise my sister in law is recovering well from the virus. 
  • Pray for family comfort and guidance during loss of our father.
  • Pray for my mother’s surgery recovery, still having breathing trouble. 
  • Praise we are still able to work during this time. 
  • Praise my friend’s surgery went well and she is home recovering. 
  • Praise my co-worker’s mom was released from mental hospital and is feeling great! 
  • Praise for all God's provisions! 
  • Praise for Christ's community support!
  • Pray for my friend with COVID-19 and protection for his daughter.
  • Pray for my friend suffering from severe pain and fluid in her abdomen.
  • Pray for my cousin who had a severe stroke. His family can’t be with him in the hospital
  • Pray for my friend’s financial issues.
  • Pray for my dad who is homeless.
  • Pray my son remains protected from the virus.
  • Pray my husband miraculously finds a new job during this time.
  • Pray for the major anxiety experienced during this time.
  • Pray for my friend suffering from health issues who will need surgery soon. 
  • Praise for all the little reminders of God’s control and sovereignty.





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