Requests from the week of 05.03.2020

  • Pray I find a new job to support my family.
  • Praise the Lord that His Wisdom is greater than our ability to understand the confusing conditions in which we now live.
  • Pray for my friends who have come down with a flu.
  • Pray for our daughter who is scheduled to deliver her baby at home.
  • Pray for strength to care for our special needs daughter at home. We are weary and need a clear vision of how to go forward.
  • Pray I would have an uplifted spirit. I broke my ankle and it’s slow to heal and pray my pet scan is negative.
  • Praise for a new home in Arizona.
  • Pray my EDD gets approved so as a single mom of three I can support my family.
  • Pray I find a new place to live that I can afford.
  • Praise for faith that God will carry me through.
  • Pray for my wisdom at work as there is an extremely stressful issue that I am responsible for. A team member might quit due to my decisions. I’m feeling very defeated.
  • Pray for my father-in-law as doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong with his arm. He is in the hospital.  Pray for my mother-in-law who is scared and worried at home alone.
  • Please pray for our marriage. My husband is very stressed and makes our home very tense for me and our kids. Pray God will touch his heart and open his eyes to His peace.
  • Pray for the safety and health of my son-in-law. Pray he does not bring Covid-19 home to my daughter and their two small daughters.





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