Requests from the week of March 28. 2021

  • Pray for many to come to know Jesus.
  • Pray for my sister to know Jesus and turn to him in her stress and emotional turmoil. 
  • Pray for my husband to find freedom from his addictions.
  • Pray for a new job.
  • Pray for all the students in the Philippines at my school as they struggle with COVID and hunger. Praise for their growth in Christ through trials.
  • Pray for visas for my friends to be able to attend school internationally.
  • Pray my friend's huge tumor in his back would be able to be removed completely.
  • Pray my pacemaker surgery can be rescheduled and the procedure go smoothly.
  • Pray for my husband as he continues to recover from brain surgery. Pray specifically for his heart to be softened toward the Lord. 
  • Pray for my friends to turn to Jesus.
  • Pray for my mom as she suffers from colitis.
  • Pray for my physical therapy to walk again as it's very painful.
  • Pray for my friend whose husband was killed in a motorcycle accident.
  • Praise for the Kids Club kids and the new garden project.  
  • Pray for my friends struggling with relational issues.
  • Pray for my friend as he prepares for a big project at work.  
  • Pray for my heart to be one of abundance and not scarcity.
  • Pray for my friends as they deal with their physical pain.
  • Pray for my mom and daughter.  Pray my stepdad would have perseverance.
  • Pray for our church and leadership.
  • Pray for the marriages that are struggling.
  • Pray for the mental health of so many.





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