Requests from the week of May 30, 2021

  • Pray for my mother as she is suffering from physical pain and also has some major financial issues with her home.  Pray for my whole family.
  • Praise for new ways to love and serve in COVID.
  • Pray for my toothache.
  • Pray for wisdom parenting mental health struggles. Pray for strength.
  • Pray for our marriage.
  • Pray for new transitions and a new church home. Especially pray for my non-believing family members.
  • Pray for my friends to find what's next through their grief.
  • Pray for mercy and miracles at a doctor's appointment next week. 
  • Praise for a new home.
  • Pray for my friend's PTSD as he returns to work after last week's shootings.  Pray he can be a light.
  • Pray for confidence at work.
  • Pray for an open heart for my friend to hear about Jesus.
  • Pray for my friends as they move.
  • Pray for my friends to receive a foster placement soon.
  • Pray for my friends whose car broke down. May they be able to afford a new solution.
  • Praise for an IVF pregnancy.  Pray for the safety of this new life.
  • Pray for transitions at work and contentment in Jesus despite everything.
  • Pray for the lost and the lonely.
  • Pray for my huge project at work.  Pray for peace. 





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