Requests from the week of July 26, 2021

  • Praise for new housing.
  • Pray for my mom's upcoming cancer surgery.
  • Pray for continued healing from spiritual abuse.
  • Pray for volunteers to fill vital positions in our children's classes.
  • Pray for wisdom for the leadership team at my work.
  • Pray for healing from surgery as I'm extremely frustrated by the continued pain & worsening of symptoms.
  • Pray for my sons who are struggling with our divorce.
  • Pray for the deacons as they serve the Lord and our church body.
  • Pray for courage to do the hard work of reconciliation.
  • Pray the word of God would be life giving.
  • Pray for wisdom and discernment to know how to love, comfort, support, pray, and serve our hurting brothers and sisters.





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