Requests from the Week of August 15, 2021

  • Pray for teachers for our children's ministry.
  • Pray for my son's broken wrist to heal quickly.
  • Praise for my daughter's new school. Pray for our family transition.
  • Pray for all of our teacher's as they head back to school.
  • Pray for our family as our car parts were stolen.
  • Pray for Kids Club this fall.
  • Pray for the pastors and elders.
  • Pray for my daughter and son-in-law as they get settled in their new city.
  • Praise my mom's cancer surgery was successful. Pray for her anxiety through recovery.
  • Pray for God's mercy in Afghanistan.
  • Pray for my daughters to find jobs.
  • Pray for my mom's failing health.
  • Praise for a new grandson.
  • Pray for my family's home to not be threatened by fire.
  • Pray for my friends as they grieve.





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