Requests from the week of September 26

  • Pray for the healing and reconciliation of my broken marriage.  
  • Pray for my friend to see that only Jesus can heal her deepest hurst.
  • Pray for my mom as she continues to be cared for in a nursing facility.
  • Pray for my stepdad as he makes hard medical choices, as well as decisions for his own next steps as home alone.
  • Pray for my young adult friends facing difficult decisions. Pray they would turn to the Lord for the answers.
  • Pray for my daughter's medications to finally make a difference.
  • Pray for my husband and I to get some rest.
  • Praise for that a difficult conversation ended so well.
  • Pray for our family transitions.
  • Pray for decisions at work. Pray I listen to the Spirit's lead.





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