Body Life Requests from the week of October 10, 2021

  • Pray for my husband's chronic pain as it's affecting every day function & sleep. 
  • Pray for my direction with the Lord and where He wants me to go with finances, career & home.
  • Pray for a successful surgeries on my husband's tumor and that it will shrink the growth.
  • Praise our son was born.
  • Praise for the support of our church body during my time of grief.
  • Pray for my friends to find their way to the Lord. Pray for me to be a good witness to them.
  • Praise for church family and pray for how to reach his students beyond the textbook.
  • Praise for how this church family has blessed me and my family.
  • Praise that the Lord has provided places to live during this difficult time.





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