Requests from the week of October 31, 2021

  • Pray for my friend and me as we travel cross-country.  Pray for safety and God's presence.  
  • Pray for my husband to recover from his mild stroke.
  • Pray for God to guide me for the present and the future.
  • Pray for healing for our country.
  • Pray for my husband.
  • Pray for my Papa to recover from his heart surgery.
  • Pray for my friend and me as we lead a faith-based 12-step program. Pray for wisdom. May the Holy Spirit draw them to him.
  • Pray for my husband and me to have wisdom with our daughter.
  • Pray for my husband as he cares for my in-laws.
  • Pray for me and my family as we grieve.
  • Pray for my friend as she recovers from back surgery.
  • Pray for my friend struggling with broken relationships.
  • Pray for my mom.





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