Requests from the week of November 21, 2021

  • Praise my brother is out of ICU. Pray for continued healing.
  • Pray my fiance's labor certification is approved quickly.
  • Pray for my cousin to have complete healing.  Pray her husband and young daughter remain healthy.
  • Pray for my uncle in the hospital with Covid.
  • Pray for my brother's girlfriend to come to the Lord. 
  • Pray for my mom's cancer treatment.
  • Pray for my friend in the midst of a very difficult situation.
  • Pray for my sister-in-law's cancer treatment and no side effects.
  • Pray for healing in a very divided country.
  • Pray for God's blessings through this time.
  • Praise for Kid's Club. Continue praying for our kids and leaders.





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