Requests from the week of December 5, 2021

  • Pray for my mother-in-law's upcoming surgery and for a quick recovery.
  • Pray for my friend's doctors to be able to find the right medication for her infection.
  • Pray for my job transition.
  • Pray for peace in a divided country.
  • Praise my brother-in-law's surgery went well.  Pray for his recovery and for his heart to soften toward Christ.
  • Praise for steps toward healing in broken relationships.
  • Praise God for his goodness and deep friendships.
  • Pray for my friend's daughter's back surgery to go well.
  • Pray for perseverance parenting.
  • Pray for upcoming doctor visits to provide solutions.
  • Pray for rain.
  • Pray for my friend's surgery that did not go well.  Pray for a full recovery.
  • Pray for my friends who are all sick.
  • Pray for my friends on their cancer journey. Pray for protection from infection.
  • Pray for my friend's chronic pain.  Pray for perspective and strength.
  • Pray for my friends to have hearts open to the Gospel.
  • Pray the Lord would raise up a new generation of leaders.





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