Requests and Body Life from the week of January 2, 2022

  • Praise for the way God showed me his deep and abounding love for me.
  • Pray for those grieving.
  • Praise that God will always be with us as the light that drives out the darkness, the love that drives out the hate and the one who will always protect us.
  • Praise that my uncle is recovering and pray for his continued recovery.
  • Praise God for his grace.
  • Praise for God's reminder of his love for all of his people and how we are called to love one another in unity.  
  • Pray we would learn to better listen and extend more grace to others who disagree with us.
  • Praise for a special time with my grandson.
  • Pray for my husband as he battles cancer.  Pray for me to obey the Lord and to verbally pray for him. Pray the he would be open to the Gospel.
  • Praise for our missionaries and the ways God is working through them.
  • Pray for my friends as they struggle financially. Pray for faith that God will provide.
  • Pray for our family members who don't love Jesus.
  • Pray for my family as we struggle with broken relationships.





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