Requests from the week of April 3, 2022

  • Pray for the youth and leaders in Mexico this weekend building a house.
  • Pray for the family they are building the house for in Mexico.
  • Praise God for a successful back surgery and how He worked out the timing.
  • Pray for my dad that the tumor won't be cancer and he will recover quickly from his surgery.  
  • Praise the Lord for energy and fulfillment in life.
  • Pray for my son and his situation with his mom.
  • Pray for our world.
  • Pray for our elected officials.
  • Pray for disadvantaged communities.
  • Pray for schools and administrations.
  • Pray for my friend who received a hopeless diagnosis this week.  Pray for a miracle.

WGBC Outreach:  Homeless Outreach
WGBC Missionary:  Tim & Bobbi Bettger
WGBC Ministry:  Women's Ministry





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