Body Life

  • Pray for my health as my stress is causing forgetfulness. 
  • Pray for me as I care for my mom, take on end of the year grading and report cards, and Open House.  May the Lord ever be my focus and my hope.
  • Pray for my family and me as things are coming to light in regards to my brother's death. Pray for truth and to stand strong
  • Pray for your elders. Pray for your pastors. 
  • Praise for my sister's successful doctors appointment. 
  • Praise for my daughter’s birthday. 
  • Pray for SAYAP Africa. Praise God for bringing the people he’s bringing. And all the lives being changed through this ministry.
  • Pray for those working through broken relationships.
  • Pray for healing & peace in a divided country. 
  • Pray for elections this year.
  • Pray for quiet minds & calm hearts. 
  • Pray for students finishing school & teachers wrapping up the year.
  • Pray for all those affected by the tragedy in Texas. May God have mercy.
WGBC Missionary Focus:  Honili Sema
WGBC Outreach Focus:  City Team San Jose
WGBC Ministry Focus:  Administration Team





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