Requests and Body Life from the week of July 3, 2022

  • Praise for the way my son is growing and caring for his brother. 
  • Pray for the youth group as they head off to River Camp.  Pray for each one to grow and have ownership of their faith.
  • Pray for each momma's heart as the kids go to camp.
  • Praise that my mother who is 91 has agreed to go to assisted living. 
  • Praise for a time of fellowship through projects with neighbors. 
  • Pray for safety of our church as they travel.  
  • Heal those who are struggling and causing divisions.
  • Pray for my family member whose son overdosed.  Praise he is now stable.  Pray for this to draw each person to Jesus.
  • Pray for my friend whose daughter-in-law passed away.  
  • Pray for our house sale to go through.
  • Praise for God's work in my life.
  • Pray for my husband's surgery this week to go well and for him to recover quickly.
  • Pray for my family as my grandfather passed away this past week.  Pray for healing between family members through this.  
  • Pray for my parents to remain healthy.
  • Praise for my new grandson. Pray for mom's recovery and for them as they adjust to being a family of three.  

WGBC Missionary Focus:  Tim & Bobbi Bettger
WGBC Outreach Focus:  Homeless Outreach
WGBC Ministry Focus: Women's Ministry





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