Requests from the week of July 17, 2022

  • Praise for an amazing River Camp trip for the youth. Continue to pray for God's Spirit to work in our kids' hearts.
  • Pray for our family and the loss of my uncle and now my grandma. Pray for all of the details that must be done in the midst of our grief.
  • Pray for my friend who will undergo major surgery. Pray for success and a smooth recovery. 
  • Pray for discernment for the women's pastor committee.
  • Praise for a benign autopsy report.
  • Praise for the students coming to know Christ through our ministry.
  • Pray for more students to begin attending our ministry.
  • Pray for my friend's daughter who just underwent a heart transplant. Pray for healing and her body to accept her new organ. Pray against COVID or any infections.
  • Praise for the sale of our house.
  • Praise for the faithfulness of the Lord in my life and for those he is putting in my life to encourage and challenge me to grow.
  • Pray I would be faithful to the Lord's calling.
  • Pray for healing of broken relationships.
  • Pray against COVID this week.
  • Pray for healing and peace in a divided country.
  • Pray for our leaders.
  • Praise for the safety of all who are traveling.
  • Pray for guidance for the future.
  • Pray for my struggles with addiction.
  • Pray for my friend's recent diagnosis of advanced stage cancer.

WGBC Missionary Focus:  Marc & Suzanne Jacobson
WGBC Outreach Focus:  Kids Club
WGBC Ministry Focus: Men's Ministry





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