Body Life

  • Pray for my girlfriend who broke her leg. Pray for a successful surgery and full recovery.
  • Pray for peace on the school campus where I teach. 
  • Pray for my daughter to choose Christ. 
  • Pray my ordered refrigerator would come when it's supposed to arrive. 
  • Pray I would not feel so isolated at work and at church.
  • Pray for the moms at the playgroup to come to know Christ as their Savior.
  • Praise for my new living situation.
  • Praise for my job.
  • Praise for God stirring in my heart.
  • Pray for healing & peace in a divided country. 
  • Pray for calm minds & calm hearts with November election underway. 
  • Pray for friends & families that have lost loved ones. 
  • Pray for my husband's recovery from surgery.
  • Pray for travel. 
  • Pray for my daughter and her new job.
  • Pray for my daughter's separation from her children.
  • Praise for a new job.
  • Praise for Newcomer's Dinner & Youth Group. 
  • Pray for our church leaders.

WGBC Missionary Focus:  Marc & Suzanne Jacobson
WGBC Outreach Focus:   Kids Club
WGBC Ministry Focus:  Men's Ministry





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