Requests from the week of December 18, 2022

  • Pray for my brother who is struggling with loneliness.
  • Pray for my friend whose chronic pain is almost unbearable.
  • Pray for my friend and his family as his mom passed away.
  • Praise for the myriad of ways God's surprising, nearly magical provision for my every need.
  • Pray for custody arrangements.
  • Pray for my friend as he processes and grieves the loss of his brother.
  • Pray for our son to find peace and a place to live.
  • Pray for my anxiety and depression.
  • Pray we would find a home.
  • Pray for healing & peace in a divided country.
  • Pray fo safety & protection for all retail workers.
  • Pray for schools wrapping up the semester.
  • Pray for unity & blessings this Christmas!

WGBC Missionary Focus:  Tim and Bobbi Betger
WGBC Outreach Focus:  Homeless Outreach
WGBC Ministry Focus:  WGBC Women's Ministry





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